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Wet Weather Back Up Plans Q&A

April has shown us that South-East Queensland has some unpredictable weather. Many of our couples’ had to switch their wedding ceremonies and receptions to their wet weather backup plan. We’d say that rainy weather crosses the minds of most of our couples in the lead up to their wedding day. We’re here to tell you not to worry (and that you’re not alone).  

Here are some Q&As for how Arctic Fox handles wet weather backup plans. 

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The Borrowed Nursery, Captured by Doe and Deer Photography

Q: Do we refund for wet weather?

A: Unfortunately no. As we have held the furniture for your event, we do not refund in the case of wet weather as we would not be able to rehire these items and it is a lost opportunity. If you notify us 1-2 days before, we can swap your no longer required items over to something of the same value if it is available at no charge.

Q: Are there changes to flowers for wet weather?

A: The scenario could be that you have changed your ceremony location and your new location doesn’t need an arbour, but you have booked in arbour flowers with us.

If you make call early (always keep a look out on the weather app) and let us know of changes prior to us arranging the flowers (normally the day before your wedding) we can use those flowers to create a different arrangement to suit your new location. Alternatively, we can add these flowers into your other existing arrangements like your bouquets or reception flowers. 

Unfortunately, if we have already created the flowers for your ceremony, we cannot change these. 

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Summer Grove Estate, Captured by
Figtree Pictures
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Summer Grove Estate, Captured by
Luke Middlemiss Photography

Q: When do you have to make the wet weather call?

A: Depending on your ceremony location and hire details, we will need to be advised of any changes to set up prior to our delivery team departing from Burleigh. For example, if your ceremony guest arrival time was scheduled for 2pm on the Gold Coast / Tweed Area, we would need to know of any changes by 12pm at the latest.

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Ancora Weddings, Captured by Nikolas David

Some tips when booking a venue or ceremony location:

  • Check with the venue if there is a wet weather option as part of your venue hire.
  • For a beach or park ceremony, check to see if there is somewhere close by that you can tentatively book. For example, a local church or community hall.
  • Consider if you can use your original hire and flower items for your wet weather back up plan.
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Ancora Weddings, Captured by Figtree Pictures
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Summergrove Estate, Captured by Figtree Pictures
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Kooroomba Lavender Farm, Captured by Figtree Pictures

Wet Weather approved venues:

  • Summer Grove Estate
  • Ancora Weddings
  • Kooroomba Lavender Farm
  • Braeside at Gin House Creek Estate
  • The Acre Boomerang Farm
  • The Borrowed Nursery 
  • Osteria Weddings
  • Babalou Weddings 
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Braeside Estate, Captured by Lauren Joy Photography

At the end of the day, the weather cannot be changed (although we wish), and your wedding will be a beautiful moment nonetheless. Be prepared for the what if, but embrace the change with an open attitude, and our team will be here to help you feel the most relaxed.


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