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Letter from your Florist

Like everything else in the world, the price of flowers has sky rocketed, meaning every rose now has a thorny price tag. The short answer for this is increased import prices and supply chain issues leading to a 40% increase in price for some flower varieties. As florists, this is devastating and can make things tricky, however, we have made a list of some things to consider and also some suggestions to get the most out of your floral budget.

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💌 The more particular you are about specific designs and flower varieties, the more likely you are to be disappointed. Trusting your florist is a big one, but we promise it will ultimately make your day a lot less stressful.

💌 Flowers are seasonal and perishable, much like you can’t buy peaches every month of the year, the same is for flowers. If you want flowers that are out of season, they will either be not available or be imports which also attracts a higher price tag.

💌 Consider removing buttonholes and corsages. These pieces may look sweet but they are time-consuming for florists, which means they come with a price tag to match.

💌 Focus on a few main show-stopping statement pieces, rather than multiple smaller pieces. Talk to your florist about large statement pieces that can be created for your ceremony which could be reused at the reception. It is always best to discuss how items can be moved at the creation/quoting stage rather than trying to get a corner arbour piece to try to fit on a bridal table on the day.

💌 Ditch the tradition, weddings have evolved as we have, and some of the older traditions don’t serve a modern wedding. Some traditions we’d suggest ditching are the bouquet toss, sign flowers, wishing well table flowers and isle posies.  

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Granting your florist creative freedom means they can make the best decisions for your budget and design beautiful florals for your day. If you would love us to dream up something beautiful for you, get in touch to talk to one of our florists!


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Your Corporate Event Planning Checklist

With a spectacular array of events under our belt, from company festivals to anniversary celebrations, we can confidently say that there is a method to the madness of events, the beauty of it is that you only need to prepare a few essentials.

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How to host the ultimate Melbourne Cup luncheon

The Melbourne Cup is the event that brings the nation to a stop, it’s our excuse to dress up and indulge in delicious food and beverages. It’s also the one time when hosting a party at work is more than acceptable, it’s expected!

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