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Product spotlight – Chesterfield Sofa

At Arctic Fox Weddings we love to have unique pieces to make your day nothing short of… UNIQUE!

So how does a Chesterfield Sofa, the epitome of English style and suave sophistication, end up in a Gold Coast Boho wedding? Well to be honest we don’t know, but let’s just say that “all the cool kids are doing it these days!”

The word BOHO by definition means a socially unconventional person, especially someone involved in the arts. They can be described as a non conformist, a bit unconventional, a free spirit, maybe even a hippy.

But in the wedding world Boho means something different.

Boho weddings tend to have a love of the outdoors, with spectacular outdoor locations for the ceremony and even reception with an emphasis on nature.

There’s a sense of whimsy with many home made (or the appearance of home made) elements.

A bouquet made of freshly cut blooms from the garden takes a skilled florist, hours of work to pull off! The idea is about looking like things are effortless and that goes for furniture and décor selection. You see with that sense of whimsy and love of nature, comes with it a vintage feel.

And just as you want that effortless look of a “thrown together” bouquet, so it is for the reception. The feel of welcoming family and friends to your home.

The selection might have a hap hazard array of different styles as if everyone raided nannas house and created a lounge room outdoors with a stunning vista for a back drop.

Enter the Chesterfield. I mean what speak Nannas house more than an old vintage sofa? It’s funny how things happen. The 4th Earl of Chesterfield commissioned his first leather sofa back in the early 1700s. With its dark and distinctive deep buttoned quilted leather upholstery it is nothing short of recognisable but teamed with Maison jars of wild picked daisies and old brass candlesticks, you create a warm and inviting space, for guests to kick off their shoes and get cosy, feeling at ease and relaxed in this busy crazy world which makes it so much easier to do the most important thing of all! Celebrating YOU!

With a craftsman on site to loving care and restore our time treasured pieces you can ensure your wedding day is nothing short of special for you and your family and friends.

Who knew a sofa could do so much?


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How to host the ultimate Melbourne Cup luncheon

The Melbourne Cup is the event that brings the nation to a stop, it’s our excuse to dress up and indulge in delicious food and beverages. It’s also the one time when hosting a party at work is more than acceptable, it’s expected!

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Letter from your Florist

Like everything else in the world, the price of flowers has skyrocketed, meaning every rose now has a thorny price tag. The short answer for this is increased import prices and supply chain issues meaning up to a 40% increase in price for some flower varieties.


Tina + Thomas: Classic Elegance at Summergrove Estate

Tina’s brief for us was classic and elegant, so we filled the beautiful Summergrove barn with white florals and added dark green glossy foliage to compliment. To bring in an element of luxury, we added gold touches with our Gold Rim Charger Plates + Gold Cutlery, alongside our Floor Length Linen Table Cloths.

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