5 Reasons Why Eloping Could Be For You

Some people grow up dreaming of their wedding day and have scrapbooks – or Pinterest boards – overflowing with ideas for their dress, every detail of their reception, and all their floral arrangements. While throwing a huge wedding sounds like a great idea to some, the reality is that it’s just not for everyone.

Years ago, eloping meant running down to the local town hall or jetting off to Las Vegas for a trip inspired by The Hangover. But these days, it doesn’t have to look like it does in the movies. Eloping can refer to any kind of wedding that is less formal and more impromptu.  Usually, these couples will exchange vows in a low-key celebration with just each other – or a handful of close family and friends.

Do you want to plan a wedding on a budget? Wondering how COVID-19 will impact your wedding? Maybe you’re looking for the most unique wedding ceremony? Or you really don’t know who you should invite to your wedding? Look no further. Eloping might just be the answer for you, and here’s why: 

1. You can still have all the frills!

Skipping out on the traditional white wedding to elope with your lover doesn’t mean your day can’t come with all the frills. The truth is you’ve probably got more of an opportunity to treat yourself. We’re talking catering, flowers, entertainment, furniture hire, and styling!

And if that all sounds a little overwhelming, that’s where your wedding planner comes in! We’ve got the know-how to manage everything from menu selection to on-the-day assistance, and we’ve got plenty of ideas to make your day extra special. Did we mention our gorgeous picnic package? The low table, flower arrangement, and grazing board is the perfect touch for an outdoor elopement. 

2. Splurge on your honeymoon

There’s no denying that your wedding is the best day of your life, but the honeymoon is pretty special too!  If you save a few extra dollars by having a low-key elopement, you can afford to go somewhere pretty special for your first trip as a newlywed couple. Who wouldn’t want to spend their hard-earned dollars sailing through Croatia and sipping cocktails in Italy? That’s what we thought…

3. Avoid the drama

While your wedding is a time to celebrate you and your partner, the problem is that everybody else seems to think it is about them. Your bridesmaids are worried about how they look, your mother-in-law isn’t happy with the flowers, and your guests want to be well-fed and entertained for the entire night. It’s exhausting just to think about it!

When you elope, it’s much easier for your wedding planner to shine the spotlight where it’s meant to be – on you and your partner. There will be plenty of opportunities to celebrate with your family and friends down the track, so let that one special moment take place without an audience.

4. A COVID-proof event

Are you wondering how to get married during COVID-19? Perhaps elopement is the answer. With everything happening in the world right now, plenty of couples have been left scratching their heads trying to work out how to pull off their dream wedding in the middle of a pandemic.

Staying up to date with the latest COVID-19 restrictions is a whole lot easier when you’ve got a wedding planner whose job it is to know what is and isn’t allowed. And when it’s just you, your partner, and maybe a handful of close loved ones involved, it’s a whole lot less likely that you’ll need to change, delay or cancel your special day.

5. Give your day a personal touch

Running off with your lover in secret is pretty much as romantic as it gets. That’s because you can practically do it anywhere and in your own style. Maybe you could tie the knot on your favorite hiking trail? Or say “I Do” in the park where you had your first date? Or kick start your married life outside the bar where you first met?

Plenty of couples also elope so they can combine their traditions. We like to sit down with our couples before they tie the knot to discuss their different religious or cultural backgrounds so that we can help them put together a day that reflects them – not what everyone else expects from them.

Let Arctic Fox shower you and your partner in love with our Luxe Elopement package. We’d love to chat to find out how we can plan the perfect celebration for you.


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