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5 Steps to Plan a COVID-proof Christmas Corporate Function

We don’t mean to alarm you, but Christmas is quite literally almost here. Yeah, we don’t know how that happened either. Not to mention, it’s probably mere weeks until your annual corporate Christmas function, and if you’re reading this, we’re guessing you haven’t organized anything yet.

That’s the thing with Christmas this year. Many businesses are in a bit of a spot figuring out what to do or if it’s even worth hosting an event with COVID-19 still lingering on. But we think that’s all the more reason to bring your colleagues together to celebrate that you all made it through 2020 and you’re here to tell the tale.

There is nothing we love more than spreading the festive cheer, so we’ve put together a 5-step plan to help you throw the perfect COVID-proof office Christmas party.

1. Have a back-up plan

If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that life doesn’t always go to plan! In some places, restrictions are lifting much faster than expected, and for others, they’re tightening just as quickly. Things are slowly starting to feel like normal again here on the Gold Coast, but that could change at any minute.

Our top tip is not to put all of your eggs in one basket. If you’re in charge of your work Christmas party, it’s best to have a back-up plan in case changing restrictions mean your first option isn’t possible anymore.

2. Discuss the terms and conditions

It’s never been more important to understand the terms and conditions of your bookings. If you plan on hosting your corporate function at a private venue, we suggest discussing the cancellation or rescheduling options before locking it in. That gives you the flexibility to use your back-up plan if it’s needed.

The same applies to any other provider. Whether it’s your entertainment, caterers, or event stylists, having an understanding of what’s included in your package and the number of variations allowed in the quote means you can avoid any hidden costs!

3. Know who is attending your event

As long as social distancing continues, maintaining a healthy distance will be the norm, and so will invite-only events with a limited number of people. Rather than inviting every man and his dog, consider hosting a more intimate affair so that you can keep track of who is actually there. Knowing who is at your event won’t just help you make sure you’re complying with the latest regulations; it will also be incredibly helpful in the unlikely situation that you need to do any contact tracing afterward.

4. Ask: When do you want to host your event?

Okay, so we can’t move Christmas, but who says you can’t change the date of your office party? Nothing is stopping you from hosting your festive season celebration at the start of 2021 when restrictions are expected to relax even more.

If you can afford to wait a little longer, you’re more likely to be able to throw the event that you’ve got in mind. And if waiting means you’ll be able to hit up a dancefloor with your colleagues, we reckon it’s worth a few extra weeks.

5. Tune into the news

There is only one word to describe 2020: unpredictable. If you’re the chief party organizer, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest COVID news because things can change pretty quickly and there are hefty penalties if you’re caught doing the wrong thing.

Does it all still sound a little overwhelming?

Let Arctic Fox give you a helping hand with this year’s Christmas Do. We are across all the latest COVID updates for events and we have an expert team who is a pro at coming up with a plan B for your big event. Book a free chat here to discuss how we can plan the perfect festive celebration – we’ve got plenty of ideas for everyone and every budget.


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