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Cyanne & Nick

09th March, 2022

How did they pop the question?

Nick took me away for the weekend to a little place called Woodgate. His dad had a house up there but was away so it was just Nick and I. 

We went to the beach for a sunset cheese platter and some drinks. While I was setting up the cheese platter and getting the much needed Instagram pic, Nick was busy setting up the proposal (I was so oblivious). 

He called me over and said “come look at this, what is this?”

I looked over and in the sand was a red thing. I couldn’t work out what it was so I went a bit closer and noticed it was a rag. 

Nick proceeded to pull it out the sand and unwrap a ring box! I was so shocked, I couldn’t believe it was happening. I don’t even remember what Nick even said to me cause I was in shock. I threw my phone to try and be completely present. 

It was a really special moment.

What song was your first dance to?

Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton 

Your biggest tip to any couple getting married?

1. Take moments throughout the day to be with your new husband/ wife. Even if it’s just for 5 mins and you both can chat and observe your guests.  

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff, trust in your vendors!

Describe your day in three words...

Magical, Loving, Laughter 

Arctic Fox helped with…

Katie and her team helped us from the inception of our ideas to bringing it all together on the big day. 

The styling was exactly as we imagined!

Other awesome suppliers were…

Hair/ Make up: Sarah Kelly 

Venue: Ardeena 

Photographer: Tom Judson 

Musician: Michael Evos 

Catering: In Season Catering 

Plants: The Planted Co

Photobooth: Insta Kombi

Videographer: Anchored Cinema

Celebrant: Clarah Luxford 


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